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Without exception, mornings are hard for everyone. Waking up is a fight with yourself, with your time.
Sometimes you can lose.
In that case, why not rely on "another time"?
"Time" exists all over the world. I don't think you have to deal with anything in your own time.
There are various scenes in the world when you have to wake up. Family playing on the beach with a beautiful sunset,
People rushing home after completing a day's work, rushing and busy people in a big city, and traffic coming and going.
With such a scene, if you can wake up in the morning as a member of the earth with the feeling that "next is your turn," it will be an awakening with a mysterious convincing feeling.

This THE ALARM CLOCK is linked with an application service that allows you to enjoy live cameras from all over the world, and you can call up various scenes of the world when you wake up.
How do you want to greet each morning, how do you want to greet you?
"Wake up in the morning." At this moment of repeating every day, I strongly feel the potential to enrich my life.


​*Prototyping in progress

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