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Special information in a special place.
When we try to incorporate it into our daily lives, which we normally never interact with, I think that it may create unexpected effects and value.

​For example, “Time at the airport departure lobby” and “Daily bathroom moment”. There is a similar feeling in these two completely different seemingly unrelated situations.
It is a feeling of being freed from the tense times of everyday life and having strong expectations for relaxing.
In these two situations, I think that time is more than a function of "knowing the time," it is more like an entrance to the imagination.
While sitting in your everyday life, you can enjoy the feeling of interacting with the "various times of the world" at the airport in a bathtub space that has been released from everything.
By doing so, the seeds of delusion will bloom in your head, and you will also create a delusion for a free journey that you do not have any restrictions, and as a result, you will be provided with your own special relaxation.
​A bath clock that displays real-time departure flight information at Narita Airport.
THE BATH CLOCK is a product that allows you to uniquely enjoy the function of a clock that knows the time with a new concept.

​*Prototyping in progress

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