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In our hectic daily lives, it is not easy to find time to truly face ourselves.

However, I believe that the only time you have a chance to consciously reset your mind is when you look in the mirror.

While getting ready, he turns on the switch to be ready for battle while confronting his image on the other side of the mirror.

As I prepare myself with no escape while battling various conflicts and anxieties in my heart, I may be wishing for relief from someone's words somewhere.

It doesn't matter who you are, I want you to talk to me, I want a message you can relate to, I want advice to get through the day.

Have you ever felt like you might be there, with a deep cry of your heart longing for something?

That's why I just want to create the possibility of encountering a message that I can look forward to in my daily life.

It may be an important opportunity to look at yourself calmly, and it may be a small sustenance to survive the future that is one step ahead.


That's the experience The Mirror aims to have.

of course,

I think there are many times when such a message appears in front of you, but you can't focus on it.

But that's fine.

I'm sure it will automatically jump into your heart when you feel it's needed.

However, I believe that it is important that such ``opportunities'' become part of everyday life.

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