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Music subscription services are now commonplace in everyday life, and the style of listening to music like a radio has made music more familiar than ever in our lives. On the other hand, the presence of album jackets, which was once part of the experience of purchasing media such as records and CDs, is fading. In the old days, the value of album jackets was so high that there was the word “buy jacket”, and it played a major role as part of the music experience.
While music is becoming environmental as BGM, it seems to be very normal that the album jacket also "is" in life as a part of the environment.

This THE MUSIC FRAME displays the jacket at the same timing as music playback.
Another important point is that the display is almost the same as the CD size.

It's just that experience when the song changes, the display automatically switches to the next jacket.
But perhaps you'll wonder why that natural experience has never existed in our lives so far.


* Space exhibitions have started at Cafe, Photo Studio, and Hair Salon.

If you have any questions or requests regarding this product, please contact me at this address.


We have started a test exhibition by leasing at stores and studios.

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