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Montag Design

Established                         September 15, 2018

President                Ryuji Nakayama

Capital                               ¥3,000,000

Location                             4 - 4 - 27 Shibaura Minatoku Tokyo Japan


​塚田 有紀子


Born in 1980. Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University Law School.

As a correspondent for a women's magazine "JJ" in college, I write a manuscript with an editorial assistant.
After graduation, I worked as an advertising agency. After that, I was engaged in making women's magazines in the "Shufunotomo ef" editorial department, "Ray" editorial department, "Fusosha Publishing Incorporated LUCi" editorial department, and "Sekai Bunka MISS" editorial department.
I am in charge of interviews and reading materials from fashion. After that, I became independent as a freelance editor/writer.

Active in a wide range of media such as women's magazines, WEB magazines, advertisements, mail order catalogs, company newsletters.


Kobunsha  -  VERY, JJ

Shueisha  -  Marisol, BAILA, @BAILA

Shogakukan  -

World Bunkasha  -  GOLD, MISS, MISS WEDDING



CyberAgent  -  MamaHo



中山 隆司


Born in Tokyo in 1972. Graduated from Hosei University Faculty of Literature.
As a design director, based on the experience of UX creation that I have learned for many years at PLAYSTATION, I create an output with a strong will for making a world view, building a concept, communication design between people and products, visual design development, etc.
​I did GUI development for PLAYSTAION PORTABLE and PLAYSTATION 3 for the purpose of evolution of PLAYSTAION's worldview and brand image (concept and design provision).
After that, I moved to San Francisco and stayed at an R&D studio for 5 years.
I was awarded the 2018 Good Design Award for recognition of my performance in the creation of the Folding@home project, which utilizes the computational power of PLAYSTATION 3 jointly developed with Stanford University.

In recent years, I also participated as a UX producer in the launch of Life Space UX, a new concept that has gained recognition and recognition as a new attempt for SONY.
My role is to provide concepts for product creation and produce spaces for product exhibition events.

In 2018, I founded the creative studio "MONTAG DESIGN".
We will focus on what human value should be in the future and express creation from a unique perspective. Product development is the basis of its expression activities.
On the other hand, it also provides consulting and creative work for the purpose of brand strategy to various fields.

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