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Every day, we are confronted with a large amount of information through various SNS and media.

I strive to find my "place" and "existence value" there, and spend my time paying as much attention as possible so as not to be denied by others.


However, it is not easy to correctly determine the effectiveness and necessity of all the information and continue to process it.

So sometimes we raise the white flag, abandon the challenge, and let ourselves be carried away by the wave of information.


In such a case, what if you could feel "a perspective that is overwhelmingly liberated" from the events in front of you in your living space...

Perhaps, even if only for a moment, it may be an important opportunity to pull yourself out of the vortex of information and calmly organize yourself.


This THE EARTH BOX is an item that displays LIVE broadcasts from the International Space Station ISS provided by NASA.


I want to provide the possibility to create such a moment by blending it into our daily life as a part of the environment and always feeling a bird's-eye view of ourselves on the scale of "the earth".

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