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Shape "value" that is not yet in words.

The era in which the product value is to have specs, good performance, and fashionability is about to end.​
Of course, we should continue to improve performance, and I think we should broaden our range of choices in terms of design, depending on our hobbies and preferences. But we all realize that the essence we want isn't there anymore.
On the other hand,
I feel that the tide of the times is changing from the additive satisfaction of owning things to the subtractive idea that things should be reduced and kept simple.
We are beginning to have a desire to maintain the quality of experience value while changing to a minimum thinking.

From now on,
What is the value of what we really need and what we really want?

To find it,
I believe that it is necessary not to stick to the way of thinking of product value up to now, to question the standards and rules up to now, and to face product manufacturing with a strong intention to overturn existing common sense. The result should be a better standard for us.

Surely, the word that shows the value does not exist in the world yet.

Shape "value" ​​that is not yet in words
I believe that the challenge of this essence is the significance of the existence of Montag Design.
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